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Visual Art Grade 12

In grade, 12 learners choose their medium of choice and use it throughout the year. 

Paintings by grade 12 Learners

Installation Work & Mixed Media Works

The 5 images above is all part of one installation work. The learner used his theme "The futility of a man in a world of a feminist driven society". All that is needed from the male species, is his sperm. He chose a male siamese fighter fish as his main subject matter. The male siamese fish is in isolation in his own bowl, whilst the female fish are swimming freely in the rest of the tank. He chose to use the skeletal structure of this fish to create two embossings. In front of the embossings are test tubes suspended on wire with drawings of sperm cells with fish tails. At the back of the main tank, he did a drawing of himself, peering into the tank and contemplating all that is going on. He used floating moss to cover the top of the water and floated 4 petri dishes filled with ash, the remnants of the male species.

Lino prints of grade 12 learners
Drawing in different mediums
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